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6th October 2018 – Toby Smith Memorial Rugby Match and Evening 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of the 1998 1st XV Rugby season. It was a season that launched the coaching career of Ben Ryan (former staff), the professional rugby careers of James Forrester (A, 1994-1999) and Jonathan Goodridge (G, 1994-1999), and also, slightly less impressively, was the last time I weighed under 100 kilos. It was one of the best 1st XV seasons recorded by a team at St Edward’s School and so it seemed fitting to mark this occasion with a reunion rugby match. It also gave us an opportunity to remember Toby Smith (F, 1995-2000), our superb full-back who sadly passed away in 2015. Incredibly, despite the fact that the vast number of the team no longer play rugby, the response from the guys was fantastic and the organizing committee had a relatively easy time getting everybody to agree to play and get involved (some people travelling from the particularly wet and cold day) the bulk of that 1998 1st XV took to Upper 1, led onto the field by Nick McEwen (F, 1994-1999) and his son William. Our opposition for the day were the Oxford Harlequins, and somehow, after a hard-fought match, we emerged victorious. As well as the ’98 team members, a large number of other OSE came and either played or supported on the sidelines. It would be remiss of me not to say a big thank you to Rob Eynon (A, 1994-1999) and Richard Green (A, 1994-1999), who both helped in arranging the opposition, and who offered to play for them when it became apparent that they were going to struggle with numbers. Following our victory, we watched the current 1st XV play against Magdalen College School and then were hosted by Alistair and other side of the world to attend). So, on Saturday 6th October (a


Rhubarb on the rocks

15th November 2018 – London Drinks: Rhubarb Goes to Town A relaxed meet-up providing a chance to socialise and network with OSE living and working in London, held at Davy’s at St James’s, Pall Mall. It was fabulous to see OSE present representing every decade for the last 50 years. 3rd November 2018 – Rhubarb on the Rocks Doing what they do best at the Lord Dudley in Sydney, OSE met up again to enjoy a drink and a chat. Comments received were ‘great venue, great company’. 2nd December 2018 – OSE Carol Service We welcomed record numbers to the annual Carol Service. It was wonderful to see so many OSE with their children and extended families in the Chapel. As always there were heartwarming carols, mulled wine and mince pies galore to set the scene for the festive season. The OSE reading was delivered by Ed Lea (H, 2006-2011). We were treated to speeches from Charles Cooper (G, 1961-1966), President of the St Edward’s Society, the Warden Stephen Jones, and Richard Speir (C, 2004-2009), Head of School in 2009. Special mention goes to the large group of 2009 leavers celebrating 10 years out, the 1999 leavers celebrating 20 years out, Malcolm Acheson (G, 1961-1966) for saying grace and Michael Cox (D, 1959-1964) who celebrated his 54th Annual Dinner. Our oldest OSE on the night was Seb Boston (C, 1942-1947). The event marked the departure from the Common Room of House Masters, Matt Parker (Sing's) and Ollie Richards (Apsley), along with former Head of Design, Ben Pyper, who retires after 33 years of service at Teddies. 30th March 2019 – St Edward’s Society Annual Dinner 2019

Sally McEwen at their hotel in Woodstock for drinks and dinner. It was a fantastic day and evening, one that reminded us all of the bonds we share and, in particular, made me feel less conscious about my hairline! Most importantly it allowed us to reconnect and take the time to remember Toby Smith, a friend and teammate, and also to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. It was a special day and incredibly affirming to catch up with so many old friends and teachers. I look forward to the next reunion – however, we may choose to organise a golf day next time, might be easier on the body. George Rippon (K, 1994-1999) 14th October 2018 – The Creation At St Michael’s Church on Lonsdale Road there was a performance of one of Haydn’s best-loved oratorios, The Creation. The soloists were a group of former pupils and the concert was conducted by Neville Creed (MCR). OSE soloists included Ella Phillips (K, 2008-2013), Emily Higgins (D, 2008-2013), Megan Baddeley (K, 2000-2005), Will Balkwill (F, 1996-2001) and Ed Price (C, 1989-1994). The concert took place in support of the north Oxford-based FairPlay Campaign for Climate Justice.

Toby Smith Memorial Match

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