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Engagements BURY/MANIFOLD - Michael Bury (F, 1999-2004) is engaged to be married to Alison Claire Manifold on 15th December 2019 at Notley Tythe Barn in Buckinghamshire, then they are replicating the wedding in Sydney, Australia on 23rd December 2019 at Long Reef Golf Club for all their friends and family who could not travel to the UK from Australia. ELDERTON/BEVIS - Rik Elderton (E, 1992-1997) is engaged to be married to Helen Bevis in June, in Winchester. Rik and Helen got engaged on Tryfan in Snowdonia in October 2017. HOLT-KENTWELL/WONG - Drew Holt-Kentwell (H, 2001- 2006) is engaged to be married to Amanda Wong in July 2019 in Burford, Oxfordshire. JONES/HEELEY - Joe Jones (G, 2003-2008) and Lizzie Heeley (J, 2002-2007) are engaged to be married on 27th July 2019. Lizzie and Joe met whilst on a Hockey/ Rugby tour to South America in 2006. 13 years later, they

Weddings ABBOTT/STANFORD - Gareth Charles Abbott (F, 1999-2004) and Sarah Jane Rose Stanford on 23rd June 2018 at Holy Trinity Church, Newtown, Hampshire. OSE in attendance included Jonathan Abbott (B, 1999-2004), Hugh Miller (F, 1999-2004), James Rooker (B, 1999-2004), Juliet Hamilton (K, 2002-2004), David Brewer (H, 1999-2004), Milo Ruane (E, 1999-2004), Christina Brewer (D, 1999- 2004), Max Cunningham (F, 1999-2004), Kristina Kuhnke (D, 1999-2004) and Charlie Bowles (C, 1999-2004). BAGGS/BLAIR - Matthew Baggs (E, 1996-2001) and Sophie Blair on 29th December 2018 at St Edward’s School Chapel. They were married by Rev Andrew Wright. OSE in attendance included Andrew Baggs (A, 2000-2005), Sarah Baggs (K, 2002-2007), David Leadbitter (H, 1995-2000), Simon Smith (C 1977-1982), Serena Manners (J, 2000-2005), Rupert Shipperley (H, 2006-2011). Former staff and Governors in attendance included Charlie Baggs, Caroline Baggs, James Quick, Geoffrey and Katie Boult, Andrew and Julia Wright.

are now engaged and living in Vancouver, Canada. Joe proposed in October 2018 on top of Mount Steele, one of the peaks in the Tetrahedron Mountain Range, on the west coast of British Columbia. SMART/BURROWS - Tim Smart (C, 2001-2006) is engaged to be married to Sarah Burrows on 20th July 2019 in Warwickshire. It is expected that there will be more than 15 OSE present, spanning 45 years of the School’s intake.

BARRETT/POWER - John Barrett (E, 2000-


2005) and Emma Power (J, 2000-2005) on 27th April 2019 at St James’ Church, Somerton, Oxfordshire. OSE in attendance included maid of honour Lucy Power (J, 1998-2003), bridesmaid Louisa Franks (J, 2000-2005), one of the best men James Barrett (E, 1997-2002), usher Nick Gleave (F, 2000-2005), usher Will Power (F, 2000-2005), usher Jonathan Skull (C, 2000-2005), Ben Carter (E, 1997-2001), Charlie Sutton (C, 1997- 2002), Will Allen (F, 1997- 2002), Tommy Newell (G, 1997-2002), Rob Powell (C, 1999-2004), Fran Powell (née Allen) (J, 1999-2004), Adam Reeve (C, 2000-2005), Tom Macdonald (C, 2000-2005), Tom Allen (B, 2000-2005), Georges Haines (F, 2000- 2005), Antonia Cadbury (née Kenning) (K, 2003-2005), Jess Wood (J, 2001-2005), Serena Manners (J, 2000-2005), Mark Perry (H, 2000-2005), Nick Roblin (G, 2000-2005), Emma Thompson (K, 2003-2005), Sophie Morris (K, 2003-2005), Ben Ridgway (F, 2000-2005), Charlie Bishop (née Misseldine) (J, 2000-2005), Bert Conibear (E, 2000-2005), Ben Riley (A, 2000-2005), Pete Greenall (G,


STEVENSON/SMITH - Andrew Stevenson (C,

1999-2004) is engaged to be married to Stephanie Smith on 18th June 2019. Andrew and Stephanie got engaged on 13th December 2017.




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