Shell Poetry Competition Autumn 2022 - New Beginnings

New Beginnings Shell Poetry Competition Autumn Term 2022


New Beginnings

The crisp cold shirt summons goose bumps upon my skin.

Adjust the new skirt and here comes a grin.

The mirror speaks of the unknown.

Flashing back an image called my own.

My head is a whirlpool of emotion.

A pinch of excitement and some nerves to make a potion.

My shaking hands struggle to open the door.

Oh no is this the right floor?

I’m comforted by the warmth of my seat.

And yet I can still hear my heartbeat!

A weeks gone by in a flash.

I’m still surprised I haven’t made a dash.

I guess its part of the learning curve.

Just sit here and make sure to observe.

But this is my new beginning.

And deep down I know I’m winning.

By Anonymous

2 nd Place!

Summer’s leaving

The sun is dying the long nights begin

The push of the breeze lift the hairs on my skin

Orange is invading the leaves of the trees

Same colour of the fire that kills the freeze

Inside is now the place to stay

while roses are losing the game day by day.

Puddles and mud create a rough mood

but the gloomy sky shows a beautiful moon.

The desire for roasts, Yorkshire pudding and crumble

lifts the spirts, making all bellies rumble.

Christmas is soon and the hunting of pheasants

Children are waking with excitement for presents.

By Sam Bradshaw Segar ’ s


New Beginnings Sun makes the day new. Tiny green plants emerge from the earth. Birds are singing the sky into place. There is nowhere else I want to be but here.

By Freddie White Cooper Lodge


νέα ξεκινήματα αγάπης

A boy alone, on a jagged path, stumbles over his feet. A girl with friends, on the yellow brick road, strolls step by step. Closer and closer they come, like two un-parallel lines, bound to cross. A collision between worlds, the boy in gasped, the girl blushed, new beginnings of love. Their hearts drowned in love, their minds drowned in love, their souls, drowned in love.

Like two magnets they are attracted, their worlds finally align. closer and closer they come, and an act of true love is made.

By George Barnett Segar ’ s



Memories of the loved,

Always on my mind.

Even some of those of which

I want to leave behind.

Remember all the good times,

They feel so long ago.

It all keeps coming back to me,

I don’t want it to go.

Think of what it was before

And what it feels like now.

The time for change has come

And new beginnings have aroused.

I’m going to have to start again,

A new identity.

I need now to be ready,

To create new memories…

By Anonymous

The winner for this competition will receive gift cards for and Daunt Books.

The 2 nd place winner will receive a gift card for Daunt Books.

Runners up will receive chocolate and a new notepad.

All pupils who entered the competition are welcomed to the library to collect some chocolate!

Keep an eye out for the next poetry competition which will be open to the whole school, the theme and entry details will be announced very soon.

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