The Chronicle, Spring 2019


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Inspiring and mighty though the academic presence of the University is, it is not the only benefit we gain from our location in the city of Oxford. As you will discover in a special feature in this issue, the fact that our pupils are able to play a meaningful part in the life of the city brings enormous benefits, both to our pupils and to the people and organisations with whom we work. ‘Schools like ours must actively manage against a sense of entitlement’, said our Chair of Governors, Chris Jones, at Gaudy last year, and the feature from page 13 certainly illuminates this important aspect of a Teddies education. I salute all our pupils and staff who make a conscious and determined effort to involve themselves in life beyond the school gate. As well as learning about their volunteering activities, we hear a great deal from our pupils in this issue. Sixth Former Octavia Hamilton interviews Deputy Head Academic, Matthew Albrighton, about what it means to be successful and the importance of compassion in our academic ethos. Fifth Former Gini Hope writes about the role of Chapel in school life as we celebrate its 145th anniversary. Another Fifth Former, Leo Wilson, is interviewed alongside Head of Psychology and Head of Sailing, Annabelle Rose, about the surge in popularity of the Sailing Club. We also hear about sailing in a different context – in the shape of Shell

Timothy Long’s ambitious plans to become the youngest person ever to sail solo around Britain, a voyage on which he hopes to embark next summer, having dedicated his Fourth Form Warden’s Project to preparing his boat, Isabella , for the challenge. Continuing the sailing theme, Shell Patrick Maxwell invited me to talk to him about an individual I admire. I chose celebrated yachtsman John Bertrand, and you can read Patrick’s excellent summary of our conversation on page four. In addition to the features and news, there are glimpses of our major developments. You can see the footprint of our 13th House, Cooper Lodge, on page 22, potential sites for our first international partner school on page 20, and an early artist’s impression of the new Library on page 11. All pupils face public or school examinations this term. We wish them the very best of luck and encourage them to draw on the many levels of support and encouragement available in School to help them through these demanding few months. Beyond the exam period, we can, of course, look forward to Gaudy Week; booking opens shortly and I urge you to see as much as you can of this magnificent arts festival.

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Stephen Jones


Congratulations to Ilana Cope, Sybilla Hamilton, Koji Shukawa and Sophia Majzub on their recent offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Ilana has been offered a place to study Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Robinson College, Cambridge; Sybilla, a place to read Modern and Medieval Languages at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge; Koji, a place to read Natural Sciences at St John’s College, Cambridge; and Sophia, a place to read Classics and Arabic at Somerville College, Oxford.

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