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Your Legacy St Edward’s is not just a great independent school, but first and foremost, an educational charity. Our charitable objectives drive our approach to education and the responsibility we have to our students and also to our local community. An independent education, however, is no longer an option for many. In an ideal world the School would have a significant endowment built up over many years to fund bursary support, but as a relatively young school which has grown considerably over the years, that is work in progress. We have, however, got ambition! Ambition for growing a meaningful endowment and ambition for growing means-tested bursaries. This ambition provides opportunity. Opportunity for you to get involved and to be recognised for the transformation you can affect, by pledging funds in your Will and becoming a member of the Simeon Society.

“Teddies never stops investing in its future and the future promise for generations of our pupils. There is continuous and extraordinary facilities development, and we give substantial fee support to families who need it. Teddies is a successful school and proud of it, but it is the generous support of our friends, of former pupils and parents, which has made so much of this possible. Please consider remembering Teddies in your Will.” CHAIR OF GOVERNORS CHRIS JONES (FIELD HOUSE, 1968-1972)


The Simeon Society The Simeon Society was established to enable the School to say thank you to those who pledge to support Teddies in their Will. It is a vibrant and diverse group whose partners and families are invited to special events at School from the Carol Service to the Summer Picnic, Gaudy Concerts to watching cricket on Upper One. It is important for us to make sure any commitment you are making to our School after your passing is understood and recognised however large or small, monetary or asset

based. Many OSE have made new friends and become reacquainted with old through being members of this Society. It has given them the ability to support Teddies in a way that would be beyond them during their lifetime.


“I have been introduced to a simple and efficient way of helping, after I’m gone, youngsters less fortunate than I was to receive a Teddies education. By doing so I’ve also joined a growing body of OSE who feel the same way. This is not conscience at work, but a genuine desire to help and my wife, Linda and I, thoroughly enjoy the events we have been invited to.” JAMES SYNGE (SING’S, 1964-1969)


The Impact of your Support

We firmly believe that a Teddies education is not just one gained in the classroom, on the sports fields, the stage or in a music room but one which benefits from the breadth of pupils we are able to welcome into our School and the experiences they are able to share together. With so much inequality in our society, it becomes even more important for Teddies to do what we can to bring people together. By growing our financial independence through the endowment, we are able to support our partnership programme, develop facilities appropriate not only for our School but also for the wider community, and to increase the breadth of pupils who can benefit from a Teddies education through our bursary programme. There are currently 107 pupils (11%) receiving on average 75% means-tested fee remission and we would like this to grow to an ambitious 160 (20%) of pupils over the coming years.

“I, like many of us, enjoyed my time at School – it gave me a great start in life. I was fortunate to send my son and

daughter here, too. The rounded education we all experienced instilled curiosity, resilience and, above all, great social confidence. It is this down-to-earth culture which sets us apart from our competitor schools and enables our Bursary Programme to be so popular. St Edward’s has been providing quality education to children for generations and is a positive force for social mobility, which is increasingly important in the society we live in.” DAVID SMART | LEGACY MANAGER (FIELD HOUSE, 1968-1972)


Our Stories Your support to St Edward’s in your will could help a pupil like Josh, Armela, Reuben, Annabel or Ferdi whose lives have been transformed by their time at Teddies.

Ferdi Studying Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University I was at a comprehensive school before Teddies. It was a great school, but there weren’t many

people in my class who actually wanted to work hard. It was easier to go with the flow and not push myself to do the best I could.

When I came to Teddies, I found the pace of work exhilarating: I studied Latin and Greek for the first time. I was appointed Captain of Rugby in my final year and the feeling of leading the team out onto Upper One to play intense, competitive rugby against some of the most famous schools in England will stay with me for the rest of my life and I shall always be grateful. I am now studying mechanical engineering at Bristol, and I am also proud to have been accepted onto the Mercedes Formula1 industrial placement year starting in July. (SING’S, 2015-2020)

Annabel Graduated from Durham University with a first and currently working as a marketing executive at FE Fundinfo Teddies gave me so many opportunities to become involved in many aspects of school life: acting, rowing, being a member of the Choir and the Close Harmony group, the Combined Cadet Force – and eventually I became Head of School. I shall always be grateful for the support of the Teddies community who helped make it happen. My Teddies friends will be friends for life. (CORFE, 2014-2019)

Reuben Studying at the University of Birmingham

I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to come to St Edward’s where there are so many opportunities. I really enjoyed the House community and the way you become like a family with the rest of the people in your House. (FIELD HOUSE, 2020-2022)


Armela Undertaking the Bar Practice Course at the University of Law My parents were made aware of the unique anniversary bursary that was being offered as part of the scholarship competition held between the Oxford Times and Teddies. I was most surprised about the real opportunity to get involved in a range of diverse activities at Teddies. During my time I tried hockey and rowing for the first time, and participated in both the RAF and Army sections of the Combined Cadet Force. Further, I undertook one-to-one piano lessons in the music school, as well as attending the many events at The North Wall Arts Centre bringing together live performance, drama and dance. One of the highlights has to be the close-knit environment of my boarding house, Jubilee. I made friends for life that I will cherish forever! My time at Teddies enabled me to participate in a diverse range of activities to develop all my interests. As President of the School Law Society I realised my desire to further explore the principles underlying the law and I was given a huge confidence boost to pursue my dreams! After Teddies I went on to read Law at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. Having recently graduated, I am now undertaking the Bar Practice Course and Master of Laws in pursuit of my aspiration to practice at the Bar of England and Wales. I’d like to say a big thank you to those who’ve given so generously to bursaries at Teddies, as winning a bursary has really given me the opportunity to realise my academic and

Josh Studying Mechanical Engineering at Harvard

I first learned about Teddies during lockdown when I was working as a labourer and training every day on my rowing machine. It was a substantial change for me to transfer from my rural state school to an independent boarding school in Oxford. However, it was made simple by the incredibly supportive Teddies community - the two years I was at Teddies were some of the best years of my life. My time spent with the rowing team will always be a cherished memory, especially Henley, which was the biggest competition of the year and something we always worked so hard towards. My favourite memory was bringing back the long-forgotten Red Nose Row competition, which involved the entire school in the best sport ever! I will always be thankful for the opportunities that Teddies gave me because they completely changed the course of my life. The awesome teaching staff and depth of support really helped me to make the most of the education available to me. This combination of academic and athletic opportunities also introduced me to the US college system, which was something I had never even considered before attending Teddies. A growing number of the best US universities started contacting me about scholarships as a result of my academic and rowing accomplishments. And as a result, I am now a mechanical engineering major at Harvard, rowing as part of a great squad, and pushing myself to be the best I can be. (APSLEY, 2020-2022)

professional potential. ( JUBILEE, 2013-2018)


The Impact of our Partnership work

Our location is one of the many great strengths of St Edward’s, enabling us to play a central role in working with many charities, state schools and organisations in North Oxford and the surrounding area. These partnerships enable us to extend the social and cultural education provided within the School gates and offer service-led leadership opportunities within organisations who gain from our support. Our programme of Partnership and Service is central to a Teddies education. Our Partnership programme can be divided into the following areas:

Teddies Collaborates All of the Lower Sixth work with external charities, schools and organisations at least once a week for 90 minutes throughout the year. These placements, combined with a training programme, enable pupils to learn the value of service to others and broaden their life skills to bring tangible benefits to the wider community.

Partnerships We strive to create what we regard as true partnerships within which both parties benefit and achieve a relationship that is strategic and moves forward with thought, authenticity and purpose. Charitable Activities St Edward’s has a long standing ethos of supporting

local schools. Many of our staff offer their time and expertise to assist local organisations through governorship, as trustees, or by contributing HR, communications, finance or fundraising knowledge.

the School community, we open up our facilities to our charitable friends and neighbours and educational workshops, lectures and sporting events are provided for

“The relationship with St Edward’s is invaluable to our students, some of the most vulnerable in our society do not always have the opportunities to mix with others outside of school due to their additional needs. What St Edward’s has been able to provide has widened our pupils’ view of the community and the people that surround them.” BEX HOLMES | HEAD OF SCHOOL, NORTHERN HOUSE ACADEMY


Financial Stability and Longevity Endowment funds are charitable funds that offer a source of strength and stability for institutions particularly during periods of volatility and uncertainty. As we continue to strive to offer high-quality, affordable and increasingly accessible education, an endowment fund can take the pressure off school fees and provide financial flexibility and reassurance for parents. As at end of December 2022 the St Edward’s endowment fund, which is independently managed, was valued at £6,862,874 . The annualised returns have been 3.5% (over the past three years) and 4.7% over five years . The endowment value in comparison with fellow independent schools is decidedly modest if not relatively poor. The Governors would like to address this and have decided to re-invest the endowment returns (usually capped at 4% drawdown) for the foreseeable future. Supporting this important growth in the endowment fund is another area you may wish to support through a legacy donation. “St Edward’s has significant plans for the next decade. It is critical for the long-term future that the School has an endowment to help support those ambitions. Whilst past returns on current school assets have been good, investment returns alone will not provide the necessary funds going forward. We will work hard to ensure that prudent investment decisions to maintain these returns are made, but we are now also asking our community to help us grow the endowment for the long-term benefit of all pupils.” PHILIP WINSTON | GOVERNOR CHAIR OF THE INVESTMENT COMMITTEE


How giving to a charity is tax efficient

For many people the idea of saving tax can be quite a compelling prospect, particularly in situations where a worthy charitable benefit is involved. St Edward’s School is a registered charity (309681). As such, this means both it and its donors can gain significant tax benefits on legacies for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes. These legacy gifts have such a significant impact on life at Teddies. Typically, they support our bursaries, enhance school facilities, fund hardship grants and support great teaching initiatives. The application of all gifted money is closely overseen by our School Governors, honouring the donor’s commitment and passion for the success of the School. Gifting is a most personal decision, and we anticipate prospective donors will want to seek confidential guidance before committing themselves. Accordingly, the role of our Beyond Teddies team is to help guide donors in a respectful, confidential and sensitive way. The School would always recommend that donors seek independent financial and legal advice. To support this, we have set up a partnership with Bequeathed, who provide an inclusive service where every supporter can make a free Will For Good. Note: We have provided a useful example of how an average estate valued at £1m could benefit from this tax relief. Please visit

Get your Will written for free We know that organising your Will can feel like a daunting task, so we have partnered with Bequeathed to make this easier for you. Bequeathed delivers a unique will-writing service for consumers across the UK. It enables anyone to make their Will quickly and conveniently, completely free of charge, always with legal advice from quality-assured Legal Firms which can be delivered by phone or video call, at home or in the office. When you make your Will you can be confident that it will meet your needs and the needs of the family, friends and charities you care about. Please go to stedwardsoxford to find out more.

Next Steps

To become a member of the growing Simeon Society, please call 01865 319438 or email David Smart, Legacy Manager, at


A Message from the Warden

At the same time, there is something lasting and significant about a legacy, because such bequests indicate so clearly what has mattered to us in life. They are remembered forever. They are also celebrated today through the Simeon Society, which brings together OSE and others making bequests to the School in their Wills. Through the Society, we are able to show you the effect your support will have on current and future generations of pupils as we educate them at St Edward’s with an ethos and within a culture of scholarship, excellence and service. Thank you for your support for the School, whatever form it takes.

There are many ways in which you can give to St Edward’s. You can give your time, talking with staff and pupils about your studies at university, about your career and about the direction your life has taken since you left Teddies, so sharing with us the benefit of your experience. You can share your expertise too, helping us with our plans sustainably to develop the estate, to widen access to the School, to invest in our staff, to ensure that our curriculum continues to prepare pupils for their futures rather than our past, and to manage the School through the political and practical challenges of the 21st century. Most obviously, you can support the School financially. We would always prefer that support to be during your lifetime, so that we can thank you for it and work with you on the ways in which we use it for the benefit of current and future pupils.



“As the years get added to your age you start to think what can I pass on and to whom? I am lucky to have a wonderful family. I have been modestly successful in my career. I have been involved in a number of charities, sitting on committees, organising functions to raise money and donating my personal gifts. Bursaries are a wonderful way of enriching the social and academic fabric of the School but also give local children the chance to flourish in this special environment” ROBERT NORBURY (TILLY’S, 1951-1954)

The Simeon Society, St Edward’s School, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 7NN 01865 319438 | |

St Edward’s School is a Registered Charity No. 309681


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