Rhubarb 2020

ST EDWARD’S rh u b a r b


1873-1892 – Algernon Simeon, then the

The Rhubarb colours were used extensively from the 1890s and chosen so as not to clash with any other school, military, college or club affiliations of the time. The story also goes that the Rhubarb colours first appeared because the touring cricket side were very late in ordering blazers for the tour and the Rhubarb colours were the only ones left at the tailors!

Headmaster, expressed a desire for a ‘Confraternity of St Edward’s’. This was intended to link ex-pupils and the School. OSE raised sporting sides on a regular basis to row, play cricket and rugby football against the School and peer clubs mainly in the Oxford and London areas.


Between 1898 and 1907 the OSE held a cricket tour to various parts of the country playing local teams.

1892 – Formation of the St Edward’s School Society with values now based on ‘manliness, athletic endeavour and group loyalty’ (Oxley) rather than Simeon’s more religious vision of 1873.

In 1958 the Martyrs Boat Club held their first summer dance event at the Bear Hotel, Woodstock. This was to become a regular fixture in the social calendar for some years and in 1972 attracted 630 members, non-members and guests. It was still going strong into the 1990s.

During the 1960s there was a constant one hundred OSE joining the Martyrs every year.

1935 – A sub-committee of the Society was asked to consider that ‘the formation of a club to unite all existing OSE athletic sports, and to control all OSE sport, is desirable’.

The first name suggested for the new club was the ‘Centurions’ with other possibilities being Martyrs, Vagrants, Sages, Shrimps, Snipe, Stragglers and Sojourners. Initial fees were five shillings per annum or two pounds for life.

1994 – The Martyrs Golf team reached the Final of the Grafton Morrish Cup at Hunstanton, losing to Stowe at the first ‘extra hole’.

1989 – First Martyrs victory in the Cricketer Cup for six years.

1995 – A Ladies side was mooted to play hockey against the School. By 2002 this initiative had slowly progressed and four tennis teams were raised against the School. Hockey matches followed from 2003.

1999 – The first ‘Martyrs Sports Day’ held at the School including hockey, football and squash against School sides. 2009 – A Martyrs Rugby 7s squad flew to Dubai, where they won the International Social Event. They won again in 2013.

2012 – A Martyrs Rugby 7s squad under the banner ‘The Martyrs Crusade’ played a variety of tournaments winning the Bowl at the Winchester 7s and the Wimbledon Blazing Saddles Prize. They also retained their Abingdon 7s title for a hat-trick of titles.

2018 – The Martyrs Cricketer Cup side reached the Quarter Finals but were beaten by Uppingham Rovers. A semi once again just out of reach – see Julian Lawton Smith’s book for details.

2013 – The Martyrs Hockey side won the prestigious Haileybury Sixes for the first time – they went on to win it a further three times in 2015, 2016 and 2018!


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