Rhubarb 2019

62 ST EDWARD’S r h u b a r b

29th June 2018 – 2013 Leavers Event It was delightful to have some of our 2013 Leavers back to speak to the Lower Sixth about their activities since leaving School. They were able to offer a wealth of information covering gap years, course choices and seeking employment.

28th June 2018 – South Wales OSE Lunch The OSE in South Wales do not gather in the number that they used to. A mere 12 were at the Cardiff and County Club for lunch, a few of the stalwarts missing the event as they were abroad. Some had travelled from way outside the confines of South Wales – Warwickshire and Aberystwyth provided two of our number. The Warden, fresh from visiting the Shells on their expedition to the Brecon Beacons, was able to join us, and we hope that he will be able to confirm that the gathering was a most convivial one, albeit with perhaps rather less energy on display than in the Beacons. We might have been lacking the younger element – the best we could manage was a youthful sixty year old – and our tales of derring-do might have had an historic feel to them, but the Warden was able to anchor us in the present. The elements of the rather magnificent Coat of Arms were explained before weightier matters were touched upon – particularly the IB and the building programme which itself is testament to the confidence in the future of Teddies. We were grateful for, and impressed with, the news that was imparted. The health of the School was toasted and once again the corridors of the Club re-echoed with Carmen sung with traditional gusto, even in the absence of our usual choir master (DPGT, for those unfamiliar with our proceedings). Those who regret their inability to attend may like to note that the next biennial gathering of the South Wales OSE will be in the Spring of 2020. In attendance (from the left): Liz Morgan, Roger Baker (F, 1946-1950), Ros Harris, Graeme Morgan (G, 1953-1958), Susan Anthony, Christopher Stringfellow (C, 1965- 1968), Anthony Ernest (B, 1950-1954), Bryn Howell-Price (B, 1966-1970), Edward Harris (E, 1954-1959), the Warden, John Anthony (E, 1946-1951), and William Treharne (C, 1971-1976). Sadly, this is the last photo we have of Roger who died in November.

(D, 1953-1958), Brian Venner (D, 1948- 1953), Brian Bell (F, 1953-1956), David Wippell (former MCR & Hon Chaplain to the Society), Michael Linnell (A, 1952- 1956), Jonathan Hill (son of Desmond Hill former master in charge of rowing), Geoff Beesley (former Boatman), Jamie McEwen (F, 1996-2001), Michael Ealand (F, 1955- 1960), Michael Roddy (B, 1982-1986), Jeremy Moncrieff (K, 1994-1999) and Mark Goodbody (F, 1953-1958). 6th July 2018 – Henley tea party This photograph by Hamish Roots (B, 1993- 1998), Lightoverwater Photography, shows another fine display of rhubarb in 2018.


3rd July 2018 – 1958 Rowing Reunion

A lively gathering of some of Teddies’ finest oarsmen took place at the Leander Club on 3rd July last year. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1958 1st VIII’s victory in the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley, Mike Pelham (F, 1952-1958), their Captain, rallied many of the original crew, together with members of all later PE-winning crews including his son, Hugh (F, 1980-1985), bow in the victorious 1984 squad. The balmy weather added to the atmosphere of celebration as many generations of the Boat Club came together. Amongst them were the 2018 crew who were about to embark on their own PE challenge. Although the 1958 crew declined to take to the water as they had done for their 50th anniversary, they still offered plenty of inspiration and encouragement to their young counterparts. Guests were treated to a fantastic display of photographs and memorabilia from the various victories, organised by Jenny McCarter. Very special guests included Pat Phillips, wife of Warden Phillips, and Geoff Beesley who had cared for many a winning eight as school Boatman. With the Warden in attendance, it was a very special event to celebrate rowing at Teddies. Georgie Dennis  (D, 1986-1988) In attendance: Mike Pelham (F, 1952- 1958), Georgie Dennis , (D, 1986-1988), Hugh Pelham (F, 1980-1985), Graeme Morgan (G, 1953-1958), Chris Sprague (C, 1957-1962), John Varian (C, 1953- 1958), Pat Phillips, Warden Stephen Jones, Rebecca Ting (staff), John Wiggins (MCR), Jenny McCarter (staff), Charles Kinloch (E, 1955-1958), Tim Findley, Chris Pickard

21st September 2018 – Past Presidents’ Lunch

An enjoyable lunch after which Sir David Lewis (B, 1961-1966) entertained those gathered with some well-chosen words about his time in Russia. The move of the date to September was well received. In attendance: Theodor Abrahamsen (D, 1933-1939), John Bishop (D, 1956- 1961), Andrew Cherry (B, 1957-1960), Patrick Delafield (E, 1959-1964), Georgie Dennis (D, 1986-1988), Edward Gould (B, 1957-1962), Derek Henderson (A, 1939-1944), Gideon Hudson (B, 1958- 1963), David Lewis (B, 1961-1966), Michael Linnell (A, 1952-1956), Graeme Morgan (G, 1953-1958), Christopher Nathan (G, 1954-1957), Timothy Odoire (G, 1958- 1963), Michael Palau (B, 1959-1964), Mike Pelham (F, 1952-1958), Nigel Phelps (G, 1957-1962), Chris Sprague (C, 1957-1962), David Wethey (E, 1957-1962), Richard Whittington (G, 1943-1947), David Wippell (former MCR & Hon. Chaplain to the Society), John Woodcock (G, 1940-1945), Blair Worden (A, 1958-1963), Charles Cooper (G, 1961-1966), Tricia Cook (former staff), John Wiggins (MCR), Jenny McCarter (staff), the Warden, Rebecca Ting (staff).

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