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Events Autumn 2018 – University Visits The Hon Sec, John Wiggins, enjoyed the company of OSE studying in London at some of the popular Teddies university destinations. They met for an early evening pizza before he moved on to Davy’s at St James to meet with those OSE now working in the big city. Another busy day was arranged shuttling between Exeter and Bristol, lunching at the former and taking dinner with those at UWE, Bath and Bristol Universities. Thanks to BR for diverting around ‘an incident’ and still making it to Bristol in time and to Jenny McCarter for the organisation and company on tour. 25th October 2018 – SW OSE Lunch We had an excellent lunch attended by the following: John Crosse (B, 1955-1960), David Pusey (G, 1953-1958), Anthony Robathan (F, 1946-1950), Nigel Fitzhugh (B, 1960-1964), Richard Stovin-Bradford (C, 1971-1975), Reg Newhouse (D, 1953-1958), Hugh Newhouse (D, 1956-1961), Roger Davis (E, 1955-1960), David Pether (F, 1959- 1964), Nigel Hunt (E, 1959-1963), Hugh Gould (C, 1950-1952), Gerry Williams (B, 1952-1957) and Gavin Poole (D, 1979-1984). 24th February 2018 – Scotland OSE Lunch and University Visits The Hon Sec and Jenny McCarter entertained students from Newcastle and Durham Universities and then hosted an excellent lunch in Edinburgh combining both OSE from local universities and older members who live in that region. In attendance: Cameron Buchanan (F, 1960-1965), Hamish Clark (C, 1959- 1963), David Dewar (D, 1959-1963), Allan Oliphant (B, 1975-1980), Michael Caffyn (C, 1961-1966), John Wiggins (MCR), Jenny McCarter (staff), Saul Glick (A, 2008-2013), Rufus McGrath (H, 2009-2014), Ted Christie-Miller (B, 2009-2013), Jamie Marshall (E, 2003- 2008), Sophie Kitchen (D, 2010-2015) and Lucy Ritchie (K, 2008-2013). Tony Herdman (B, 1959-1964) sent apologies.


OSE SW Lunch

16th June 2018 – IB Reunion The School’s 10th year of offering the IB coincided with the 50th of the IB Diploma so it was great to have our own mini celebration of both anniversaries. It was lovely to see so many OSE, some of whom had just completed the first year of their degree while others had already started their career. The IB Diploma requires all pupils to study a language so it was perhaps not surprising that so many of them had either travelled, worked or studied abroad since leaving Teddies. Similarly, the IB requirement for service as part of CAS (creativity, action, service) had inspired many to undertake charitable projects during a gap year. For some of the earlier cohorts, their memory of the IB at Teddies was of being part of a small community so

it was interesting for them to learn about the growth in popularity of the IB not just worldwide but also at St Edward’s with over half of the Sixth Form now choosing to work towards the IB rather than A Levels. Anna Fielding , IB Coordinator

IB Reunion

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