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The Kemps reared five orphaned cubs and bemused locals looked on in disbelief as they took them for walks along the banks of a local reservoir. As well as Survival Anglia, Richard filmed for other broadcasters, notably the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and had a long association with independent producer Tigress Productions. Always innovative, he loved using filming towers and any contraption that could be employed to deliver a new angle on wildlife. Innovation, persistence and intuition were all qualities that marked him out as a top- flight cameraman. Says Julia: ‘It was sheer determination and tenacity that got him that first ever footage of the Siberian tiger, Spanish bears and wolves, the lammergeyer and others. He was in tune with animals. He had that knack for understanding them, interpreting signs from their behaviour and predicting their movements.’ KENYON – On 26th September 2018, Ian David Kenyon (B, 1951-1955). Royal Marines 1956-8. Lyons Maid Ltd 1959-69. Australia 1969. Nestlé Ltd, Sydney 1969- 71. Poultry industry 1971-86. Prison officer New South Wales 1986. LACEY – On 14th July 2016, Alan Robert Lacey (C, 1939- 1944). Alan was a member of the Intelligence Corps between 1944-6 and went on to study at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, obtaining a BA in Classics and English and later an MA and PhD in moral sciences (Philosophy). He began his career as a lecturer at Bedford College London in 1954 and by the time of his retirement in 1991 was a senior lecturer at King’s College London (having transferred there with

the architect Fred Hicks, in a converted Martello tower in Malahide, north of Dublin. At St Edward’s, Andrew formed a skiffle band, the Sidney Street Ramblers. He went on to study philosophy, politics and economics at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He admitted that he did not do much work there and spent time playing the guitar and a lot of cricket. He later played cricket for the St Edward’s old boys’ team as an outstanding all-rounder who was said to have once bowled Colin Cowdrey out. In London in the 1960s Andrew taught English in a prep school and performed in folk and cabaret clubs as a singer and guitarist. He met Georgina Morton while they were both working as temporary staff at Harrods at Christmas, and they married in 1966. They settled in Putney in 1968 and had three daughters – Natasha, Vashti and me.  Andrew got an office job with the Heating and Ventilation Contractors’ Association to support his family, but at the age of 38 he decided to hang up his suit and try his luck as a professional actor. He rang an Oxford friend, the Monty Python actor Terry Jones, to ask him for a job. Terry responded: ‘We are making a little comedy film about the birth of Christ … fancy coming to Tunisia to play some parts?’ So, Andrew’s first job was in Life of Brian , in which he played a Roman centurion. After a raid on the house of the People’s Front of Judea, he ‘found this spoon, sir’. He came up with the line himself and it is often quoted by fans. He went on to appear in many Python-related films, including Time Bandits (1981) and A Fish Called Wanda (1988), and such TV classics as The Professionals , Tales of the Unexpected and Foyle’s War .

his department in 1984). He published several books on philosophy and also numerous articles in various publications. LEES – On 22nd September 2017, John Leonard Lees (E, 1941-1944). Father of Jeremy (A, 1964-1968). Royal Navy 1944. Royal Naval Engineering College Manadon BSc 1944-8. Chartered Engineer 1948. Chief Engineer HM Yacht Britannia 1964-7. LVO awarded 1967. Cdr (Retired) 1971. Diploma Energy Management 1985. LILLYWHITE – On 24th September 2018, Nigel Graham Lillywhite (G, 1941-1947). Army 1948. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 1948-9. Royal Army Service Corps 1949 Captain, resigned 1960. Civil Service 1960-86. MACLACHLAN – On 17th December 2018, Andrew Maclachlan (A, 1954-1959). Stepson of John Mayo-Perrott (A, 1922-1927). The following obituary appeared in The Guardian on 4th February 2019 and has kindly been provided by Andrew’s daughter Tamara: My father, Andrew MacLachlan, who has died aged 77, was an actor who worked for more than 30 years in television drama, film and theatre; he also did many voiceovers. Perhaps his most famous screen moment was as the giggling guard in the Biggus Dickus scene in the 1979 Monty Python film Life of Brian . Born in Anglesey, north Wales, during the second world war, Andrew was the younger son of Violet (née Hicks) and Geoffrey MacLachlan. His father was a captain in the Irish Guards and allegedly an MI6 agent. After the war, his parents divorced, and Andrew lived with his mother, brother Simon and grandfather,

Andrew was a cryptic crossword fanatic, completing the Guardian and the Times puzzles every day. As an occasionally out-of-work actor, he would be found propping up the bar with his friends in the pubs of Putney, finishing the crossword. His family and friends will remember him for his wit, love of the English language and his ability to win the argument. He is survived by Georgina and their daughters, four grandchildren, McINNES – On 17th March 2017, James Forbes McInnes (G, 1943-1946). MOSS – On 9th August 2017, Keith Donald Moss (B, 1944- 1948). Brother of John (B, 1942-1946). Father of Neville (B, 1974-1977) and Stephen (C, 1976-1978). We were advised of Keith’s death by his daughter, Amanda. Royal Artillery 1948-50 2nd Lieutenant Malaya. ICI Ltd 1950-80. Malaya, 1950-55; Head Office 1955-60; Plastics division, 1960. MD Rolinx Ltd, Manchester 1980-6. Retired 1989, Liveryman Horners Company. PARKER – On 30th May 2019, Michael Wolseley Eyre Parker (E, 1935-1939). Michael’s family will submit a full obituary in 2020. 1962). Son of John, (B, 1927- 1932), nephew of Gerald, (G, 1925-1929) and Hugh (B, 1927- 1930), brother of Michael (B, 1961-1966). The following piece is by Ken Bennett and appeared in the Saddleworth Independent : A vanguard of Search and Rescue dogs joined family mourners, friends and members of Oldham Mountain Rescue Team to say farewell to one of their staunchest members. PELMORE – On 2nd July 2018, Barry John Pelmore (C, 1957- Gabriella, Theo, Romy and Camille, and his brother.


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