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with Michael and misses him dreadfully. He would have been immensely proud that RAF Leeming accorded him a military funeral in recognition of his service. DE JONGH – On 1st April 2017, Nicholas de Jongh (E, 1951-1954). A death notice appeared in r h u b a r b 2018. This was sent to us by Nigel Abbott (E, 1951-1955) from the address he gave at Nick’s funeral: We first met as boys of 13 when we were pitched into the rigours of public school life. Like soldiers recruited in time of war, our friendship was cemented through what we endured as junior fags, the lowest of all school life in those days. Summer holidays were times when we were able to see each other in a different light. Visits to Nick’s home in Esher showed that he was the junior member of a wonderfully delightful and exceptional family. His father was the kindest and most generous of men and Nick inherited much of his character. From his grandfather, David Whitelaw, the writer and novelist, Nick inherited his exceptional command of the English language and, with this, a beautiful speaking voice. Nick was always first choice when a speaker was required for baptisms, weddings and innumerable special occasions - his speeches always well laced with wit and good humour. From his mother, Nick inherited that strength of character and determination that held him in such good stead during the difficult times he was to encounter in later life. After St Edward’s, Nick, like many of our generation, served Queen and Country in National Service before embarking on a career in industry. His curriculum vitae includes a number of distinguished firms:

Eyre & Spottiswoode, Proctor and Gamble, the De La Rue Group, before a directorship with the Engineering Employers’ Federation, and finally GKN. Nick’s innate common sense, his intelligence and his very approachable character equipped him well in his career, but that career, however successful, was by no means the be-all and end-all of his life. He was endowed with so many other gifts. He displayed wonderful skill and good taste in the conversion of a series of flats and houses that he acquired. With this came also his talents in the gardening world. His accomplishment and generous gift of his labour and time in converting the gardens of friends and family, as well as his own, will long be appreciated. Many of you have expressed patience, his wit, his elegance and modesty, his unfailingly utter good sense about the important things of life...it’s rare to find two or three of these qualities in someone, but Nick had them all,’ writes one friend. ‘His great humanity overarched everything he did,’ writes another. ‘Nick was just one of life’s special people. He was the consummate gentleman - urbane, charming, witty and generous. That is the way we shall remember him.’ And that’s how I shall remember him and much more. In these last years of his life, I shall remember especially his courage, his complete lack of self-pity, his courtesy and his gratitude to those around him. Despite all his handicaps and problems - and they were many - we still saw the Nick that we had always loved and admired. your love and admiration for Nick in the letters of condolence you have written to Lizzie and the family. Let me quote some of them: ‘His wisdom and his

DEVERELL – On 28th November 2018, David Alan Deverell (D, 1943-1947). University of British Columbia 1945-51 BSc. Oil industry 1951-84. BP Canada 1961-80 Vice President Marketing 1972-80. BP Belgium 1980-4 General Manager Canada 1984. President Quebec Safety League 1978-9. Shirley Deverell (B, 1952-1957). Brother of John (B, 1949-1955) and Mark (B, 1953-1958). This obituary kindly provided by William’s widow, Susan: William Shirley Deverell was born in Oxford on 17th May 1938, the second son of Sir Colville Deverell and Lady Margaret Deverell (née Wynne­ Willson). His father played cricket for Ireland and was later Governor of the Windward Islands (1955-1960) and Governor of Mauritius (1959- 1962). Universally known as Bill, he was one of three gifted brothers. He spent part of his early childhood in Kenya where he was a pupil at Nairobi Primary School. He then attended Swanbourne House in England before going on to St Edward’s. He graduated from Trinity College, Oxford with an LLB and sat for the Bar at Gray’s Inn in London. He was admitted as a barrister-at-law in 1961. Bill then returned to Kenya where he joined Kaplan & Stratton, was admitted as an advocate in 1963 and became a partner in 1965. He served as Senior Partner of the firm for many years. Widely regarded as one of the finest lawyers anywhere, Bill had the respect of all who had the privilege to work with, and against, him. He specialised in commercial litigation and arbitration and was an astute adviser in tax matters. During DEVERELL – On 11th December 2018, William


William Shirley Deverell

his years in private practice, he is remembered particularly for the Njonjo enquiry. In April 2004, he was appointed as a Judge of the Court of Appeal, a role he performed with great distinction. Among several notable decisions, he was instrumental in achieving a major change in matrimonial law through his decision in the case of Echaria vs. Echaria, the principles of which were later enacted in the Matrimonial Property Act, 2013. Despite suffering from polio at a very young age, Bill was a keen sportsman. He more than held his own on both tennis and squash courts and he excelled at sailing - a sport that he loved. He won every trophy on the Kenya sailing calendar at least once, as well as many others across the wider East African region. He represented Kenya in the 505 Class at the World Championships in Adelaide (1966), Santa Cruz (1971), Hong Kong (1973) and San Francisco (1981). Bill was a Governor of Kenton College for many years. He served on the Committee at Muthaiga Club from 1996 until his appointment as a Judge in 2004. As Commodore of the Naivasha Yacht Club, he put an enormous amount of time and effort into promoting youth sailing.

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