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David Wethey and friends


On the beautiful Channel Island of Alderney, David Wethey (E, 1957-1962) celebrated his 75th birthday in style on 24th April this year. In this photo he is accompanied by OSE friends Patrick Delafield (E, 1959-1964), Tim Odoire (G, 1958-1963), Graham McKinley (F, 1959-1963) and Peter McKinley (C, 1960- 1964). Patrick (the Olympic oarsman and CUBC President in 1968) was paying only his second visit to Alderney from Jersey, where he has lived for many years. Both Tim and Graham are full-time Alderney residents. Tim comes from an island family, and Graham is an elected member of the States (local legislature). Peter is in the wine trade in London. David, who has had a house in Alderney for 40 years, still works in advertising and has published three business books - on decision making, meetings and ideas. In Olivella near Barcelona in Spain, seven families got together making up a group of 34 including OSE Holly Gellatley (née Phillips) (K, 1990-1992) and James Gellatley (E, 1987-1992), Paul Morley-

OSE families in Spain

Smith (G, 1987-1992), Oliver Parker (G, 1987-1992), Nick Burn (A, 1987-1992), RIchard Simmon s (A, 1987-1992), Giles Kane (K, 1987-1992) and Jon Addison (K, 1987-19892), plus their wives, and children. Richard Morris (F, 1987-1992) and David Smart (C, 1968-1972) met up in Dubai in September 2018.

Rik Elderton (E, 1992-1997) continues to organise informal biannual gatherings for ’97 leavers in Oxford, but is pictured here, below left with Iain Wilson (B, 1992-1997) at Henley Royal Regatta last year in rhubarb ties. Despite not having rowed at Teddies, Rik started rowing last April and is now stroke for the coxed four for BTC Rowing Club in Southampton.

Richard Morris and David Smart

A group of 25+ 2009 leavers met for Christmas drinks. Thank you to Chloe Caws (K, 2004-2009) for this photo.

Rik Elderton and Iain Wilson

Sebastian Marlow , (Graduate assistant, Music Department) had a chance meeting with Norman Burtt (E, 1939-1943) as he was sitting in a waiting room in a tiny doctor’s surgery in Eastbourne. An elderly gentleman approached him and asked about the cup-and-dagger on the Teddies shorts he was wearing, using the word “Rhubarb” several times. It took Sebastian a few moments to make the connection with School whilst out of context but a pleasant conversation then ensued.

A group of 2009 leavers enjoying Christmas drinks

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