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Awards Tom Carr (B, 1998-2001), co-founder of Verto Homes was named ‘Housebuilder of the Year 2018’ by the National Federation Of Builders for building zero carbon homes in Cornwall. https://vertohomes.com/ David Lewis (B, 1961-1966), was photographed receiving a prize from the Archbishop of Canterbury at Gaudy in 1963. 55 years later, Sir David gave out the awards at Gaudy 2018. He is pictured giving the Upper Sixth Theatre Studies Prize to Nikki Marsh (N, 2013-2018). His comment was: ‘Frank Fisher would turn in his grave!’

whilst you’re there). When the school provides a timetable that allows students to fit almost everything in, it’s just a matter of who will take the opportunities and persist with them.’

Harry. The Richard Harrison Award was established in 1982. This award is made annually to a pupil who is deemed to have made an ‘Outstanding Contribution to School Life’. It consists of a cup and a silver medallion, designed by Richard’s mother, which signifies comradeship, commitment and always being willing to give a helping hand. Each recipient of the award holds the cup for a year and keeps his or her medallion for life. A redhead, a popular member of Apsley at the time when Peter Corlett was Housemaster, Richard was a great personality who gave his all to everything he did. He was willing to engage in a wide variety of sports and activities to see if he enjoyed them or could make a contribution. Together with his great friend, Clive Baker (F, 1977-1982), he was a member, as a courageous full back, of the unbeaten Junior Colts XV. Richard was described in the Chronicle as a ‘totally fearless tackler and an aggressive attacking runner’. To this day, Clive remembers Richard was relaxed, he gave you time and also had a slightly mischievous approach to life. He was his first great friend who unfortunately left the planet too early. In 2018, Jack Verschoyle (B, 2013-2018) won the Award. He writes: ‘I was honoured to receive the Richard Harrison Award at the 2018 Gaudy prize giving. St Edward’s offers, to every student, opportunities to achieve at a high level (higher than you might think

Harrison Award year recipient

1982 Clive Baker (F, 1977-1982) 1983 James Powell (A, 1978-1983) 1984 Peter Sinclair (D, 1979-1984) 1985 Fiona McPartlin (K, 1983-1985) 1986 William James ‘Bill’ Farrington (D, 1981-1986) 1987 Ian William ‘Will’ Hamilton (D, 1982-1987) 1988 Edward Donald (C, 1983-1988) and Roy Sievers (K, 1983-1988) 1989 Patrick Keatinge (F, 1984-1989) and Ben Fennell (K, 1984-1989) 1990 Mark Wakeling (H, 1985-1990) 1991 Jonathan Lilley (K, 1986-1991) 1992 Kieron Howe (E, 1987-1992) and Mark Sweeney (G, 1987-1992) 1993 James Drake-Brockman (G, 1988-1993) and Oliver Snowball (C, 1988-1993) 1994 Angus Dodwell (E, 1989-1994) and Tristan Miller (A, 1989-1994) 1995 Martin Browning (E, 1990-1995) and Robin Matthews (G, 1990-1995) 1996 Tamsin Bush (K, 1994-1996) and James Haddow (A, 1991-1996) 1997 Cecelia Hudson-Davies (B, 1995-1997) 1998 Julian Ashby (C, 1993-1998) and Peter Neal (K, 1993-1998) 1999 Jeremy Moncrieff (K, 1993-1999) and Harry Marten (E, 1994-1999) 2000 Andrew Jackson (C, 1998-2000) and Charlotte Berkin (K, 1998-2000) 2001 Gemma Berkin (D, 1997-2001) and Aidan Holloway (H, 1996-2001) 2002 George Adams (G, 1997-2002) 2003 Michael Dobbin (C, 1998-2003) and Olivia Darlington (J, 1998-2003) 2004 Joanna Lambert (J, 2002-2004) 2005 Nathan Lawrence (G, 2000-2005) 2006 William Jackson (H, 2001-2006) 2007 Ione Braddick (M, 2002-2007) and Nigel Muñoz (H, 2002-2007) now Nigel McCleave 2008 Katherine Higgins (M, 2003-2008) 2009 Richard Speir (C, 2004-2009) 2010 James Adkins (C, 2005-2010) and Xaver Touschek (C, 2005-2010) 2011 Freddie Crossley (H, 2006-2011) 2012 Freya Berkin (D, 2007-2012) 2013 Dom Baker (E, 2008-2013) 2014 Charlie Preston (E, 2009-2014) 2015 Jemima Lyon (K, 2010-2015) 2016 Casper Sunley (B, 2011-2016) 2017 Eva Cottingham-Mayall (D, 2012-2017) 2018 Jack Verschoyle (B, 2013-2018)


David Lewis

Brian Greenwood’s (E, 1952-1956) Africa Award has this year been awarded to Dr Idro at Makerere University, Kampala, who later delivered the Greenwood Lecture ‘Severe Malaria, Nodding Syndrome and Wisdom Teeth’ in March 2019. Hermione Townsend (D, 1997-2002) and co-founder Raif Josef became finalists in the Teach First Innovation Award and the Community Choice Award with their app ‘Spaghetti Brain’, which supports children to understand and manage their own learning. Richard Harrison Award In November 2018 we welcomed David and Pamela Harrison to the School. Their son, Richard (E, 1977-1981), was killed in a road accident whilst returning to School in 1981 aged 16 years and 9 months. Richard’s parents and his sisters, Catherine and Rowan, wanted Richard and his wonderful attitude towards life to be remembered. Catherine, named her first child Harrison Richard (Warne), known as

Richard Harrison

Jack Verschoyle

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